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GPS module + Ethernet (LAN) + Wireless 4g

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  • GPS module + Ethernet (LAN) + Wireless 4g

    Helo everyone!

    I would like to take a quick poll and try to find how may are interest in this product. the under developed gps module with and ethernet connectivity, which has the demision about 2x3 inches. This is a perfect peice of hard ware which you can place it any where on your car or truck. with the build in ethernet port you can simply plug it into any router for rtls.

    We are trying to put together apackage below:
    1. g4 modem - you get the internet anywhere. $20.00/month - this you can get from us now.
    2. Wifi router - this is for your car so that you can plug the gps into for RTLS. and you can
    connect any of your wifi enabled device into it while driving, hope not surf and drive!
    3. Free online account for viewing current location. plus 10 last point
    4. view map on google map.

    Please tell me what you think?

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    hmmmm......sounds interesting
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