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  • Mo-Co-So GPS Receiver

    Wanted to know if anyone was using the gps reciever from mobile computing solutions? ( ) ? I purchased this gps reciever a little while back and today installed it.. Wanted to see what others thought about this unit, because I think I either have it setup wrong or the unit is broken??

    Im using this gps with Iguidance, and it takes about 10 min or so for it to catch signal for directions? Im assuming thats not correct. Any suggestions? Any settings I should change?


    Little added info, while driving riderunner shows me my speed, although in km for some reason, but very accurate! So by that I take it that the gps itself is working properly. at the same time iguidance keeps showing me that its "waiting for gps signal" Does that mean something is wrong with iguidance itself??? It found my location just once, at my house and no more?? Here is a picture, sorry for the crappy cell phone pic:

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    Ok I think I did my research and found out i need xport. Didnt know about that program or how rr and iguidance worked with the ports. I checked it today and Iguidance works fine if it is not in RR. so going to download xport tonight and relay my results back later tonight!


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      Yep, Just needed Xport!