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  • GPS logging software preferably free

    Hey guys I was wondering what software you would recommend for use logging vehicle position vs. time to a CSV file. I would need the software to start when computer starts write a file then close it when the computer shuts down. The name of file could be based on GPS data so it could not overlap (I.E. time and day of trip start). I have a 5Hz GPS which I do not know if will work with many of the programs.

    I have searched and found goops, and something in french I don't know what is There were also some other things mentioned like GPS logger, and GPSSecure, but they go way beyond what I want. Xport3 supposedly can log data (but I don't know how well it works). I have had bad experience with Xport in the past myself.

    Goops is full of fancy prettiness which I don't want. I just want it to record the lat and long with time 5 times a second. Then I can plug it into a USGS database later to get altitude.

    If I must I might be able to code something like this, but I don't really know anything about coding I just bang my head against problems till they work out usually.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Are you using windows, or is Linux or OSX acceptable?

    If you can use Linux or OSX, I find obdgpslogger to be pretty good :-)

    Gary (-;
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      I am using windows unfortunately. It is a slimmed down XP nlite installation I made. I would prefer to keep using it, but if it is absolutely necessary I could swap. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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        Check out lambosprit's gps server app. It logs your position and allows you to load it to your own server.
        Originally posted by ghettocruzer
        I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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          BTW Bugbyte I did get your message, but I won't get a chance to check into that for a bit. I will let you and others know how/if it works. Thanks for the suggestion.
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            Some apps there

            Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p


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              Here are some also..though mainly LINUX/UNIX a few are cross platform:
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                Originally posted by DeltaFX View Post
                I used that software to test my receiver and it worked perfectly to log data even at a 5Hz rate, but I do not believe I can have it automatically start, acquire satellites, name a file based on the date/time and start logging, then stop logging when windows begins to shut down. It was nice to get a super smooth 5Hz GPS track though and look at how well the corners and circles (I drove in a round about to test ) looked.
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                  You might want to look at that is related to SW that can do a lot of stuff and probably also what you are looking for.
                  In my opinion is is best to use a dedicated logger (see