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  • Street Atlas 7.0? question

    Hi Guys,

    First, I am using SA7.0, and am trying to get the program to show my direction of travel always in the same direction. Basically, I want UP, instead of now always being North, I want it to be my direction of travel. Is this possible with SA. If not, does anyone know of a program that can do this. This is similar to options on such GPS/NAVI systems in the Lexus and others. On another note, anyone know which program the Lexus uses. I like that one a lot, and thought it might be REALLY cool to use that "program".

    Also, I want to install a second sound card, so that winamp, or WINDVD can use one, piped directly into the stereo, but SA would use a second, dedicated card, connected to a single speaker, mounted under my dash, or somewhere else, so that I will always hear the SA voice prompts. ANy one have any ideas??

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    SA2K3 has the option of north up or head up with auto rotate. OEM navs uses propriatary software/hardware. The DVD disk is where the map data is stored. The DVD unit does the rest. The best in car nav for US is the CoPilot. As for using a second SC for nav, it should work but if you got your winamp or WinDVD at high volume, you probably wont hear it. WinAmp has its own volume. You can lower that and turn your radio volume up, When the nav is giving directions, you can hear it over the Winamp. I'm still looking for a winamp plugin that mutes the winamp when theres another application is trying to use the soundcard. For example, when Copilot or SA is navving, Winamp plays fine. As soon as Copilot or SA is using the sound card, to give directions, Winamp mutes or pauses. After Copilot or SA is done using the soundcard, Winamp unmutes or unpauses. So far, I only found Winamp mute plugins for incoming calls on the modem. For those of you programmers, it would help us alot if someone could make the mute plugin for Winamp.
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      most OEM systems use the navtech maps for which the doc is here
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