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  • Xport problem Newbie

    Thanks heaps for your great forum.
    I am hoping someone may have an answer to my xport problem.
    Xport appears to be running, ie green icon on windows tray.
    But in Xport window down the bottom it says "nmea stream low signal".
    Oziexplorer still runs off the virtual port though.
    I have deleted & re installed xport a few times, but still get the same problem.

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    Low signal means the signal strength is low. This can mean your GPS is not working, or doesn't have a clear view of the sky, i.e. you need to pull out of the garage or move the GPS out of the trunk.


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      Xport problem Newbie

      Thanks Curiousity, for your reply.

      I finally figured it must have been antenna related, so I pulled my car apart & checked the gps antenna connection.
      It seemed tight but I re did it again & repositioned the cable. All came good.
      Still not sure exactly what the cause was.

      Thanks again mate.