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  • Help me choose a GPS!

    I am looking for a portable in-car Navigator from Garmin -never owned one before...

    I need feedback from you guys for an affordable model, under $200...around #150 will be great. I have a BB Pearl cell phone, so I guess getting one with Bluetooth makes sense... I hate having to make calls while driving with one hand !!!

    don't need any extra stuff; just good navigation and relaiability.

    I have randomly picked this model: $130


    4.3" 480x272 touchscreen LCD, 2D and 3D maps for North America, Bluetooth, voice prompts, NAVTEQ FM traffic receiver, SD card slot, USB connectivity, and more.

    what do you think?

    oh and btw, if there's a similar model with same specs that you guys know for a lot less, i guess wifey and i can get 2 of feel free to consider that too...

    Thanks a lot.

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    the best recomendation that i can give would be to go to a store to try a buch out, and find one that you like the most.

    i love my magellen, but other family members hate my magellen, and love their tomtom...whatever you get used to...

    most of the maps these days are the same, so you are really only buying different routing software, features, and interfaces..
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