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Gps stopped working??

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  • Gps stopped working??

    I am running an xp pro machine with microsoft usb gps receiver. I use RR front end, costume skin with speed, alt, lat, long gauges, and xport port splitter. I use Iguidance for my gps software. Everything was working fine until the middle of December. I was driving down the road one day listening to music and I noticed that my speed gauge in my skin stopped working. I tried the gps software and it didn't show me moving.

    First I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the gps receiver. That didn't help. I checked xport and everything seemed to be working. It finds my gps receiver on com 3, and the output ports are 2,4,5 just as they where when it was working. I checked my port for RR and it was set on com4. I checked my Iguidance, and it was set on com 2.

    I removed my gps receiver from the car and connected it to my laptop and ran Iguidance. That worked, so I am assuming it is some software issue. I don't recall adding/removing any software from my pc prior to this event. I did try to remove xport to reinstall it, but I have yet not be able to delete the exe as it is already running.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I am fresh out. My next thought was to pull the pc from the car and reinstall everything. But I was hoping I wouldn't have to pull the dash apart just yet.
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    To remove xport, disable the virtual ports, then exit.


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      Have your tried connecting RR or Iguidance directly to your GPS receiver? I am having the exact same problem and I noticed that RR works if I close Xport and use GPS directly. So in my case Xport seems to be causing this. Also sometimes Xport works for few seconds and then hangs, it seems like it does get data from GPS, but it cannot forward any data to selected COM ports.


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        Does the seconds display at the bottom keep counting? The old 1.3x versions had something that stopped so I added that to make sure it was working.


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          Ok, I fixed the problem yesterday. I removed my original xport 133 like your said Curiosity. Then I set Iguidance back to the gps port which was port 3 for me. Iguidance started working again. Then I installed xport 141, changed my Iguidance and RR ports and presto.

          Sorry, Curiosity, I didn't check the seconds. I got it fixed before I read your response. I remember that it seemed to be doing something whenever I would check xport. Something was flashing at the bottom of the xport box. Then when I would search for the gps receiver, it would tell me it was on com port 3 and the flashing would stop.

          Jaskari, I did have that same issue a while back. Then, if I reboot the pc, it would work for a fraction of a second then stop. After a while it stopped all together.
          I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous - everyone hasn't met me yet .


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            My problems are also solved now. I actually did have 1.3.1 version. It actually worked for me for long time (about 6 months) and now suddenly stopped. Just upgraded to 1.4.1 and now everything works again. Now it seems I don't have hibernation issues neither! Thanx Curiosity