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  • gps waypoints?

    I need some help here all I am looking for a gps software solution that I can enter my daily appts in on my desktop and when i start up the carpc have it display them don't really care if i have to plug in my flash drive or if it pulls it via the net only thing is i need the actually gps software on the carpc to be local as I goto alot of areas with no cell reception.


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    Hi yonu,

    It is not easy to suggest a mapping product w/out knowing your geographical location, but here are some quick possible solutions. Streets & Trips (USA, Canada, Mexico) and AutoRoute (Europe) are decent desktop applications, and they work with GPS, too. You could plan your trip the night before, and then just save the small file to either a memory stick, or let it be downloaded by your CarPC via the net or via your home network, or email it to yourself.

    The question is if you like to use the above software on your CarPC. Some people like it, some don't. The people who don't like it, don't like it because it still is not as nice on a small screen.


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      I am in the US didn't even think of putting my location.

      That is actually what I want i was kind of hoping there might be a solution for iguidance as i like the way it operates on the touch screen but I guess I will look into streets and trips


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        I wanted to know that I found a solution for this using iguidance it turns out that iguidance saves an itinerary.dat in your maps folder so i w2ill just make a script to coy that file around


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          yonu, yes, you can plan your trip on a desktop computer at home using iGuidance, and then just copy the itinerary.dat file to your CarPC, and use it on iGuidance in your car. iGuidance may provide better in-car experience, but perhaps the trip-planning process on the home desktop PC may not be as good, but that depends on your needs.

          The solution I suggested (Streets & Trips), could provide better experience at home, during the trip planning stage.


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            i played with streets and trips and yes it does provide a better desktop experience but since i will be doing this on a nightly basis i don't want to have to deal with 2 programs constantly


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              anychance there is a way to \convert thge streets gpx export file to a readable iguidance itinerary file?


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                Both, the iGuidance .dat file, and Streets & Trips .gpx file, can be opened by any text editor, such as Notepad, or Word. Examine them both. They both contain latitude and longitude of the stops/waypoints. Likely something could be done to achieve your goal.