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  • GPS receiver firmware

    Does anyone know of a way to extract/save the firmware from a gps receiver? The reason I ask is because I ordered a Canmore 730f and with canmore's software I was able to set the update rate to 10hz. So I ordered a second one thinking that for 25 dollars it has super fix time, great tracking, and the ability to do 10hz. The new unit will not do 10hz. Upon checking firmware versions, the unit that does 10hz has version 2009.5.23... The unit that will only do 1hz has version 2008.8.23. So I was curious as to if I can save off the flash from the 10hz unit and flash the 1hz unit then it would be changeable too. I opened them up and the hardware looks the same, just different versions of firmware.

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    I don't know the answer for sure, but you might want to look at what gpsd does.

    As I understand it, it knows how to push firmware into higher data rates, etc, which is why the "-b" switch exists - apparently some braindamaged bluetooth gps receivers don't like that. Whether or not that'd work for you, I don't know. I'd suggest trying to run gpsd against your device and see if you get a faster rate.

    Don't forget that {fast bit of back of the envelope calculation} at 1Hz, the distance you move at 45mph is roughly the same as the nominal accuracy of your gps. A higher refresh rate might not help as much as you'd expect.

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      A higher rate may not help that much, but much of the driving I do is on highways and interchanges. Garmin updates the map faster than iGuidance...but it would be nice if a program would update the map as fast as the gps receiver could deliver data...and also support lane guidance. Sucks that pc navigation is seemingly so far behind the standalone units.

      I'll take a look at the gpsd, but I'll have to load linux again. Prolly do it in a VM if it's possible to run it that way.