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help set up the ideal carputer

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  • help set up the ideal carputer

    Hey guys, been trolling around for a little while, trying to find the answer to a question I have, but I figured I'd make a thread as I was having little luck finding what i was looking for.
    I'm starting a new job, where I essentially live in a car they provide for me, lol. I'm going to be doing underground utility locating, so my day will start off by hoping into the car, downloading my list of work sites for the day then heading out to them. The company I'm working for is providing me with a laptop with a mobile modem, so I've got internet on the go. I personally have a usb gps receiver (the sirfstar2 one that comes with microsoft street and trip). What I'm looking for is a software that will allow me to input multiple locations, and make a route, with live gps obviously. Since I have a mobile internet connection I was hoping I'd be able to use it for live traffic as well. I'd also probably be integrating the laptop into the cars sound system (hope the car I get has a line in, but fm transmitter works too I guess) so that I can listen to my music collection and perhaps some shoutcast radio stream