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  • Best USB GPS receiver

    Ran a search but couldn't really find a thread with a rundown. I am ok with a 1hz receiver (I don't think many programs support 5hz, I am currently using iGo), and I know mp3car sells the bu-353 which seems to be an older model. I use a laptop that I hibernate when the car is off, so I need a receiver that will behave with this. Also I use my touchscreen and GPS on the same hub, and so far have not had any issues, so I'd like one that behaves in that regard too. So far the only review I found was for the Qstarz BT-Q890 which does BT and USB, but I really have no need for the BT functionality. So, any suggestions? Thanks

    EDIT: looking for a receiver with good cold-start lock times. Since I use hibernate and the USB ports get no power, a fast cold-lock time is high on my list of desires. I am willing to spend more money for a quick cold lock.

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    With proper configuration, the BU353 works just fine with hibernation.
    Don't plug a USB GPS receiver into a USB hub, and you are far less likely to have issues when resuming from hibernate.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      well im also interested in other factors like time to lock on hot and cold start. since i am going into hibernate and the usb ports are not powered, all my starts will be cold.


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        I guess, I mean - how much is 1second worth to you? I mean, $3/second - is it really that much worth it to you for just acquisition?
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          Originally posted by hari-bhari View Post

          [...] I know mp3car sells the bu-353 which seems to be an older model. [...]
          BU-353 may be an "older" model, but it is a proven and a reliable performer. And, by the way, there doesn't seem to be a version of it with a newer chip coming any time soon as per a GlobalSat rep: SiRFstarIV version of BU353?


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            I haven't looked at the Qstarz 890, but I have the 818x which does both BT and USB. It gets a very fast cold start. Normally around the 30 second mark for an initial 3d fix, and around 45 to pick up even more sats. Qstarz used to claim that it was the "most sensitive" receiver out there...not sure if they still claim that or not but it does pick up very well in urban canyons (downtown Houston and Atlanta) and even in parking garages.

            The battery on my 818x normally lasts around 24-30 hours as well. I work at home, so normally by the time I drive again the battery is dead so nearly every start for me is a cold start as well.

            I used hibernation for a while and never had a problem with it.

            The bu-353 is a tried and true receiver though...I don't think you could go wrong with either.


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              thanks for the tips guys. the qstarz one is tempting because of the battery. normally i do drive more than every 24 hours so that preservation of location could be a help.

              does starting the gps receiver up in the same place you left (i.e. your garage) help at all with the locks even on a 'cold start'? i have found that when the gps is powered back on in the same location where i last left off, it locked much quicker than if it was powered on in a totally new place.