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MS Street and trips work with garman gps35?

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  • MS Street and trips work with garman gps35?

    I have a garmin gps35 usb, does this work with street and trips? I have it already but I cant get it to work.

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    MS S&T should work with Garmin GPS35. Though you should know that S&T updates its map every 15 seconds. You could have missed your turn for more than a quarter miles by that time on the freeway.
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      This SHOULD let you lower the update rate.

      Streets & Trips should work with any NMEA receiver I believe.
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        It works with my Garmin 35 PC, I have the serial version thought. I have found that 15 second updates very annoying, when I know my GPS is more accurate then that. It's worse in the city where the streets are dense.


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          Good call on the Streets and Trips MOD... I have been looking for information on changing the update interval for several months now. The program is OK, but it does have something that my Rand Mcnally does not have.... the ability to generate Directions w/o and internet connection.

          Thanks again!
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