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10hz GPS for data collecting for openstreetmap

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  • 10hz GPS for data collecting for openstreetmap

    Howdy all,

    I'm looking at picking up another GPS unit to use for gps tracking in order to give something back to the Open Street Map system.

    But I was thinking that a 5hz, or even a 10hz GPS would be better for data logging, as a lot of my driving would be at 60km/h or faster.

    There are a couple of options, either this one:

    Which comes in at US$60, or getting one of these:

    For AUD$67, although that would require soldering a USB serial adapter onto it, and possibly playing round with software and drivers to get it to run properly.

    The main question is, would a 10hz unit give better datalogging? I am assuming it would be able to handle twists and bends in the road slightly smoother than a 1hz or 5hz unit.....

    Your thoughts people? I'm happy to spend that kind of money, and I can then update the unit in the car to this one once I have the datalogging figured (I currently just use an iGPS-m Pro 1hz USB GPS, so the update to something faster would be good for me with GMPC). I could even integrate the datalogger into the carpc, although for now I would just sit the laptop on the passenger seat while I'm out for a drive, and leave the carpc for my regular music/nav duties.

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    I'd go with a 5Hz unit. If you do the math, 60 km/h == 60000m/h or 16.66m/s. At 5Hz,you'll be getting a fix every 3.33 meters which is pretty good. At 10Hz, it's every 1.66 meters. My assumption is roads don't change significantly under 3 meters (otherwise, your car would probably skid off the road).
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      hmmm, good point, although for the price of the first unit (The WBT-300), I could get that, then just run it at 5hz.

      Might snap one up I think, and have a play around


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        I actually have the Wintec unit on my car-PC. It's a nice unit but not without its issues.

        The only real problem I have is that it will sometimes refuse to get a lock when coming out of hibernation. It will just sit there, no satellites seen, for a long time (20 minutes or more? I usually don't have that much patience). A power cycle usually brings it right back. It seems to happen much less often since I got the latest drivers, though, perhaps 1-2 times a month.

        10Hz works but you may want to disable differential GPS as it can drop updates due to the extra computation involved. Either that or drop down to something like 5-8Hz.