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BU-353 data capture inaccuracy?

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  • BU-353 data capture inaccuracy?

    I have developed a small app for my carpc interface that enables me to email my current GPS coords to selected addresses by touching a button on the screen. Also plan to embed GPS data into some other mobile apps. I am using a BU-353 sitting on my dash.

    The GPS receiver works fine in any standard application, like BGPS or Google maps, apparently giving an accurate position for the vehicle.

    But when I open the serial port and capture the raw data, line by line from the BU-353, the lat and long info are about 2-5 miles off. I am locking on 7 satellites. I am even averaging 5 readings at a time. I am getting position info to 5 decimal places, but it is off by miles.

    Is there something else I need to do to adjust the raw data?


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    I'd suggest seeing whether gpsd returns the right value, and if it does, taking a look at the source to see what it does.

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      I'll check it out (have to install first). Thanks.


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        Keep in mind that gps devices return lon and lat as degrees, then decimal minutes, not as decimal degrees so you have to split it up and convert it, otherwise you get values in between 5 and 50 miles
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          Malcom2073 was smack on!

          I snagged the php library from an Italian site. Something must have got lost in translation. As soon as I put in the correction, bingo.

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