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Pls Help. Driving me nuts connecting Bluetooth GPS receiver

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  • Pls Help. Driving me nuts connecting Bluetooth GPS receiver

    Hi I have one of these

    HOLOX BT-321 Bluetooth GPS receiver

    Please please please help me. This is driving me craxy. Here is what I have done so far -

    1) Switched on GPS receiver
    2) I paired this device
    3) connected to bluetooth serial port (com29)
    4) Bluelight on right of GPS flashes meaning bluetooth connected

    5) Start Sygic or Destinator, realise need COM 1-9
    6) Change COM29 to COM5 in device manager
    7) Connect to com5 in Sygic or Destinator fine.

    Now I am stuck on the waiting for GPS screen. and I have no idea what to do.. tried different combinations but nothing.. for hours now.

    I have used this Holox before paired with my PDA as a SAT NAV. Normally blue light on the left flashs indicating bluetooth connected and grren light on the left flashes also indicating satallite connection..

    But I can't get the green light on the left to start flashing.. i.e. start communicating with the satellites.

    Any ideas please.

    Thank you very much for all your help.

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    i am not familiar with that unit but you could try where you changed the port number in control panel check to see what speed the port is, it should be 4800 or 9600 for gps just a thought SNO


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      Thanks for the reply.

      I changed the port to 4800 and it connects to Serial Port COM5 perfectly.

      Everytime I start sygic or destinator it automatically connects to my bluetootth GPS if it is on. Which is perfect.

      Same problem with the GPS satellite green light not flashing indicating that the device is not seeking satellites. Is there something I need to do with BlueSoleil? like somesetting that tells the GPS to not just pair and connect to COM5 but also seek satellites?


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        I just tried this with my friends PC (also running BlueSoleil) with PC Navigator and it connects the same to COM5 at 4800

        But its the same it connects fine with the bluetooth GPS but it just hangs at waiting for a GPS signal and the GPS does not attempt to connect to any satellites.

        I am thinking its more to do with the GPS device settings as it all connects and pairs fine.

        Driving me nuts.. someone please help me


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          Are you testing indoor? Go outside with the GPS unit (even w/out the computer), and observe the green LED. Give it enough time, though. It may take now several minutes for the first fix.

          GPS software


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            i gave up on blue tooth!
            the usb holux 213 works fine for me no need to charge!
            41usd on DX free shipping wordwide