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Does CarPC Nav lag behind standalone units?

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  • Does CarPC Nav lag behind standalone units?

    I'm trying to research everything to get my carpc project going but i'm finding the navigation software available looks dated. Is there any navi (I prefer Garmin) software that has 3D buildings, terrain and lane guidance? I think fabricating a nuvi 3790 into my dash is looking like a much more attractive solution to whats available. Am I wrong?

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    Garmin Mobile PC is the only official option if you want Garmin Nav in a carPC. To answer your subject question, from what I've seen the Nav on PC group is pretty small compared to PND/phone/aftermarket Nav group. This basically means if the nav company's main focus is the PND group the PC portion is usually behind in features.

    However, if you are looking at building a CarPC for nav only then a carPC is probably not your best bet. If that is the case I would look at an aftermarket stereo that offers the nav software or features you prefer.

    I have iGO8 which offers a lot of the features you desire but it was never officially released for the PC and map support dropped off in 2009. I know soon I will have to go back to Garmin Mobile PC or some other software since Nav-N-Go has no desire to release a PC version.
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      yeah unfortunately garminPC doesn't have any of the options you just listed (3D, lane guidance, or terrain). i believe terrain can be added on by uploading specific maps but i think you'd have to google around to find that out.

      personally i think the PC nav is much faster than my old C320 streetpilot

      and i actually built a car PC just for nav, originally (now im using it for music and ipod). but i didn't have a choice because i have a 2008 G35 and you can't install an aftermarket stereo really. if you do it right it's cheaper than buying a fully loaded brand new garmin, and cheaper than buying a loaded alpine head unit with nav. of course this all equates back to your level of skill and what deals you find at the time.