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Using xport to split GPS port. Only works after restarting xport?!

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  • Using xport to split GPS port. Only works after restarting xport?!

    I am using xPort 1.44 and having some trouble with it. First off, when I start it up, "enable ports" is unchecked by default so I have to enable them. Occasionally it will stick and be OK after a reboot but when RR launches, the GPS data I use on my main screen does not have any valid data, and if I load iGuidance, it doesn't see the port either, but if i uncheck "enable ports" and re-enable it, the data starts appearing in RR and iGuidance. Is this a bug or is something screwy? I assume the easiest way to use this is by dropping it in the Startup folder, right? For now, I am going to try downgrading to an earlier version.

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    OK, so I tried using 1.45 (newest version) and it boots up fine with both ports enabled and I can see both ports have the green light signifying that both ports have connections to them. RR appears to be streaming the data fine and displaying accurate data, however iGuidance is showing the white triangle meaning that it doesn't see the GPS info. Any ideas?


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      Get XPort 1.46 and try it. I was working on compatibility with iGO 8 and noticed iGuidance stopped working, so that fixes it.


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        Version 1.46 - 9/6/10: Fix for iGuidance (broke it a couple versions back)

        OK, so it wasn't just me.