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Is this all I would need?

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  • Is this all I would need?

    If I were to get something like THIS would I need anything else to make it work with the computer I am going to put in my car.


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    You will need mapping software.

    I wouldn't recomend this model if you have enough USB ports. Because they have the same thing with a USB connection and it's bus powered. But if you don't have a free usb and a spare serial and PS/2, go for it...
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      It says that it comes with the software....thanks for the ups advise...I tihnk I have 2 or 4 ups ports so I should be set.


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        wow ups ports hmm new technology? shipped striaght to your computer


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          you are pretty cool man.......

          I lied......


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            thats pricey!
            i got mine for 22shiped!
            it is serial, but for the price i couldnt resist
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              Where did you get it got 22?


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                it was in some classifieds forums. I surf alot of them and when I see some good deals I grab'em. It was a great deal if you ask me. hehe
                "I'm as confused as a baby in a topless bar"


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                  careful with USB (or should that be ups ) GPS devices. Windows XP, and all the MS routing softwares (autoroute, mappoint etc) have problems with USB GPS devices, even if the USB simulates a serial port.

                  I bought a serial GPS for this very reason.


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                    I've not noticed any problems with XP and USB ports. I use all sorts of devices without problems. Including a Haicom GPS. I've stopped using Microsoft products, not because of problems with the GPS, but because they don't give directions and only update the position every 15 secs.
                    I'm now selling Infomap Navigator Europe bundled with a USB monitor for 124.99 +p&p. Have a look here. A much better solution.


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                      I saw on one of the MapPoint portals that you can hack the registry so that Microsoft products will update every 3 seconds (or whatever you want toset it to). I don't seem to have the link on this computer (sorry).



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                        Yes, I've seen the hack as well. Still doesn't give real time driving instructions though.