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  • wi-fi and gps

    I'm looking for solution for a car/bus/boat etc., what should bring two things in one - internet (wi-fi) and GPS monitoring.
    DETAILS: Internet (from my GSM operator - separate sim card) could be spread by wi-fi for people on-board. I guess its easier part, here best solution will be 3g&wifi router (in one) with sim card inside. But GPS is a bit bigger challenge - got no idea what kind of gps module should I use and how to connect gps with router. GPS should be able to send information about position e.g. in each 5 minutes.
    Got no idea how to integrete this two things (how GPS could use internet connection). Or maybe already there are some in-box solution I don't know? (pls, recommend one)

    Thanks in advanced for ANY hints!


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    this is what my company uses for just that purpose its called fleet management or AVL and uses a gsm/gps unit to send position every 1-60mins or more depending on your data plan. here is 1 modem we use, its cheap or one that is quite abit more money but has router built-in that can assign 32 ip's the enfora is about 120.00 and the bluetree/sixnet is about 650.00. Both units will work on GPSGate server for a cheap monitoring solution hope this helps SNO


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      Thank You very much for You answer!
      Im not sure if I understend You corect - the GSM modules You mentioned they are kind of industrial, I'm rather thinking about amateur-ordinary solution, e.g. router like this (link below)?

      Such ruter I wonna use to get intrnet (and spread wifi), but got no idea how to connect to it GPS module. And what kind of GPS modul should it be - I think it could be even the simplest one, but how I should connect it to router and how to force it to send location in e.g. each 5 minutes.

      Any ideas?