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Dvd based navigation without a computer??

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  • Dvd based navigation without a computer??

    I have been lurking around for quite a while and finally have something that has stumped me. I would like to have a dvd based navigation system but work only through a dvd player. I have researched and only find people using it through a computer. If I have a 7in monitor and a dvd player along with a gps reciever would it be possible to connect these and it work the way its supposed to. I know this may seem far fetched but I want this to be separate from my carputer I already have a screen dedicated to it. In essence I will have two screens I want one to be able to watch movies etc. Which will be my carputer but the other screen will be for navigation only. The only thing I can't seem to figure out is how I would control and enter info into the gps(maybe use the dvd remote????) Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    i don't think that dvd players are smart enough to understand the info on dvd nav discs.

    i believe that pioneer, or some other car electronics manufacturer offers a add-on nav unit like what your thinking about, though i am not sure on the cost.
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      I will check into that soundman, sounds like I need more of a universal navigation unit where it can be plugged into any tv or monitor.