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Help Needed, NVE-099P

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  • Help Needed, NVE-099P

    Hi Everyone

    I have just upgraded fom the Alpine NVE-077PS to a Alpine NVE-099P,
    My NVE-099P arrived tuesday.
    I bought it from ebay which it was advertised as new and sealed, well all the wires were new and sealed but the main unit had been used and the disc was jammed inside.
    Once I managed to get the disc out it was a 2004 mapping disc not a 2006 one like I was told by the seller.
    Also the disc has been damaged and I cannot get it to work. The sat nav unit works on my head unit but as I have not got a disc I cannot try it fully.
    So a disc is required and I must admit I wasn't looking for a copied version of a disc but I have been told that they will work so if anyone has got one that works, I would be very interested.
    If not does anyone know where the best place to get a disc from as the only ones I can find are obviously the latest ones but they are 250ish.
    So if anyone knows of a place where I can get cheaper ones and they dont have to be the latest version.