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GPS boards and APRS and schtuff!

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  • GPS boards and APRS and schtuff!

    Okay, I JUST got my carputer booted up last night for the first time!!! Now I'm looking for the toys! I understand the GPS boards can be gotten fairly cheaply so I think this will be one of my first additions. What do you need to consider when looking for a board level GPS? I have rudimentary IC level electronics skill so I am okay with the soldering and really BASIC power regulation. So far I've heard people talk about two boards in particular...
    The U Blox Boards
    and the OnCore boards.

    What other boards are out there and what should I be comparing them by?

    Last but not least, I am REALLY enthsed about APRS and can't wait to use it! What all is involved? So far it sounds like GPS, Ham Radio (w/ appropriate licensing), and bang you're done! Surely there's more to it. Info?


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    C'mon!!!!! Peeeeeeeeople pleeeeeeeease!?!?!?!?!

    Does this thread smell funny or something?


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      Not trying to hate...

      I think that most people just buy the consumer/ready-made gps units with a connector already on the end of it.

      Although the size of that u-blox is nice, once you buy an antenna, some conenctors, the u-blox itself, and factor in time and soldering, the price jumps.


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        Granted, I'll give you that.... but for connissuers de electronique this is just a cool cool concept; building your own GPS. Seems cool to me anyway.


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          Yeah, it is cool. After I posted that, I was thinking that buying a premade gps would go against everyone's creed here.

          We are all about DIY and custom systems.


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            Here's some good info!

            I just discovered that the OnCore GPS boards I've been hearing so much about are actually used in the OnStar system, so a good source for these boards neay free would be a pull it yourself junk yard. I have found a list of all vehicles with OnStar.


            Here is a website about how to get to these unit and extract them:



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              Yeah but considering how cheap you can get ready-to-use GPS units, and factoring in not having to hack together a computer interface yourself and all that work, why not just drop the $80 and get an earthmate or something?
              IN DEVELOPMENT -- '96 Mustang, lilliput with PII/450 laptop, custom DC-DC power supply, 60GB; Garmin GPS; 802.11g; compact keyboard, small graphical LCDs, OBDII.