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    Is there a database of speed camera locations in the US?
    If so, Is there a way to import into our GPS programs say like POIs. I noticed a couple of months ago after updating my AT&T Navigator for the iphone that it now shows speed cameras locations and alerts you when you are navigating.
    This was especially helpful for me when I went to Maryland over the weekend. I had a great weekend and decided to stay over Sunday night as well and drive on straight to work Monday morning in New Jersey. There are sections of I-95 that utilise cameras to monitor speeding motorists and I do not need to get home to NJ and have a ticket mailed to me. I use Garmin Mobile PC with Centrafuse in my set up but I found myself using the iphone input on my radio for audio while using Garmin for the visual cues.
    This is a bit annoying because now I was limited to listening to the music on my iphone when I could have just as easily use Pandora in Centrafuse or the large collection of songs on my hard drive.
    Any thoughts
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    There are many speed camera databases out there. However, my personal favorite that I use with all my gps devices is from POI Factory. I highly recommend them.


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