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gps finds sats but doesn't connect?

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  • gps finds sats but doesn't connect?

    I'm sure if this is iguidance2011 specific or overall specific, but the gps information inside of iguidance constantly finds 1-5 satellites, but doesn't connect to any of them. It constantly updates from 0/1 - 0/5. If it can find them, shouldn't it connect?

    Iguidance auto detected the usb gps receiver as com port 3 with baud rate (forgot which atm) so I figured it should auto connect the sats if it found them.

    I know it sounds vauge, but I won't be able to try the test software the gps came with for another 3-4 days. It came with a mini disk and I gotta burn that to a normal cd to get the software. If it's iguidance specific, can someone please move this to the correct subforum...
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    Since there are no replies yet, I'll offer what I can but I have no experince with IGuidance. I use CF which comes with "Navigator". (Navigator is a POS BTW)
    I had continual connection problems using CF & Navigator even with GPS gate.
    I bought GMPC and have never had a single connection issue since using the identical hardware.
    So my point is that it appears that connection issues can definitely be tied to software and not necessarily hardware. I would suggest it is likely an Iguidance issue.
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