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  • GPS/GSM/GPRS solution


    I'm trying to add a device to track my car location and prevent my friends from driving it out side a specific region. I wish if you have a recommendation about the most app. device to do that. Thank you

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    It will cost you a monthly fee for airtime but a 2-4meg data only plan will be fine. the enfora 2358 gps/gsm/gprs is about the best, cheapest solution. about 200 for modem, power harness and antenna then OpenGTS for your mapping platform with geofencing for when your friends go out of designated area, you will receive email alert. There are many other solutions, this is only my personal recommendation for the question you asked. If you have a carputer with internet then you could just go the gpsgate route or cell phone you could just use google latitude. Many many options. SNO


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      Thank you very much for your clear reply, I will try to look after enfora 2358. If you have any information where to get it, I will be very thankful for you.