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New GPS Receivers?

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  • New GPS Receivers?

    The Wiki seems outdated (2005) and newer posts (2009) suggest as long as its a newer generation unit... they are all the same.

    Im thinking of purchasing the Globalsat BU-353 for $35 shipped however the subforum seems to suggest a lot of problems.

    I looked around at the faq, the wiki, i read up on it and am curious is the bu-353 is still the way to go (6 years later...)

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    There are a couple of 10hz gps receivers available which are so much better than this one. Altough the bu-353 just works and is cheaper


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      What are they?
      I just found this: Would be cool to pick up a few more satellites..


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        I don't know how new the Emprum Ultimate GPS is, but I like the looks of it!
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          A 10hz receiver isn't going to attach to more satellites. It will only update more frequently.

          The BU353 is the best bang for the buck.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            BU353 is by far the best. Most, if not all of the issues reported on this forum have been tracked down to either GPS splitter issues (XPort/GPSGate), or outdated drivers. The hardware has little to no issues. (Do some reading on the topics you found about BU353)
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              ah crap....

              i bought this one instead it looked better...


              i hope its still ok?