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Running TelNav GPS Navigator for Android on Windows 7 using Bluestacks

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  • Running TelNav GPS Navigator for Android on Windows 7 using Bluestacks

    I've noticed that more and more suppliers of GPS software are creating GPS software for Iphone and Android and discontinuing Windows GPS software, (Garmin Mobile PC etc.).
    There is a new product, currently free, to run Android applications in a Windows 7 enviroment.
    There are GPS programs for Android like the one from Telnav
    or the free one from Google
    I haven't tried it yet, but was wondering if this could provide a solution for a gps program in Centrafuse or RR, or would it require a too high an end processor for the emulation?
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    I was just googling trying to figure out if this same thing would work! in for answer


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      This will work, but when they release the pro version of the tool right now it uses ip based location which isn't too good. The pro version apparently will support GPS devices, so in theory yes. I currently have Google maps running perfectly on it, with the exception of voice input. Hope to see this come to life, it will be the little edge needed for car pc gps wohoooo


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        Just downloaded, when the pro version comes out I wonder what they will charge. As soon as i install in the car then i will critique it. I just completed my installation of the Lilliput 10.1 Multitouch monitor, if it works flawlessly with this monitor with the multitouch function, I think this will prove to be very useful. Nice find my friend!!!!
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          The only thing I didnt like at first is the fact it goes straight into full screen mode, the only way around this is to edit the registry. Other than that i have google maps working perfectly and angry birds, lol
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            I think they are working on the windowed etc, as there comes an issue with multiple monitors and where it starts/ moving it around. There is also the fact that some apps ( such as Whatsapp) will not run outside of the phone resolution, so if you try to install it, it squacks about not supporting tablets right now. So this is an issue that they are aware of and i Believe working on a solution, so hopefully we will see this soon with the release of the pro version