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GPS Receiver w/ external antennae

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  • GPS Receiver w/ external antennae

    NOTE: I am not trying to sell anything, nor am I associated with this site. Buy at your own risk.

    I was just wondering if the experts in this field thought the specs of this receiver were worth the investment. I was thinking I could attach this to the GPS/WiFi antennae sold in the MP3 store.

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    I have that GPS/WIFI antenna..... that doesn't seem to have a port though they just sell it with different lengths of antenna cable? Is there an internal port? I found another device that costs more although looks pretty nice. I have a GlobalSAT BC-337 which has an external antenna port but it's a CF device and I haven't gotten any input on weather this would work with a regular CF Card reader? Would be nice since I already have it.


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      Looking at it again I guess the second and down all have detachable antenna.