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Globalsat BU-353 vs i-Blue GM-2

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  • Globalsat BU-353 vs i-Blue GM-2

    For months I've been wrestling with Win7 32bit hibernate isues and the BU-353. Figuring the first was bad, I went out and purchased another one with the same issues. After much troubleshooting with GPS Gate, xPort and drivers, I decided to try out the i-Blue GM-2. The first thing I noticed is that is locks almost instantaneously when compared to the BU-353. Additonally, it has a 5hz setting to make the map display much smoother. Over the past two days, I've tested this device repeatedly from startup and hibernate. It resumes everytime with both xPort and GPS Gate. If any of you are having the same hibernate issues with Win7 and the BU-353 I recommend this device to you. This is NOT intended to influence anyone away from the BU-353. Many on this forum have used it for quite some time without issue. The GM-2 is just a better experience for me.


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    Thank you for this update.
    can you advise which GPS software used in your testing?

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      Tested on GMPC and iGuidance thru Centrafuse and RideRunner. The issue is not so much the software as it is the USB hibernation. Generally, with any NAV software ensure you are using a COM port less than 10. Mine is 5 and I split it on 2 and 7. Port 2 is native to RideRunner and 7 is for the GPS Software. Also, ensure you set the port setting in iGuidance to match the port settings on the actual port.


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        Out of the box the USB version does not allow 5hz output. It is restricted to 9600baud. To overcome this follow the link below and download GpsView v1.2.2:

        Then configure according to this link:

        Optionally, you can change the baud rate in the system config to 57600 instead of 115200. Most software doesn't function well with 57600 but you can try it is the GpsView Settings.

        After configuring I tried it out in both iGuidance and GMPC and both performed flawlessly. Next I fired up xPort, clicked "Find GPS" and shared it out on ports 2 and 7 as stated in the previous post.

        Hope all of this helps.



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          This is 2 years late however just to clear the air the issue is not with the BU-353 itself.
          Widows 7 has a feature called selective suspend which completely turns off power to the USB port. when the computer is shut off or put to sleep or hibernates.
          This is found in the advanced power setting.
          Turn selective suspend off for the USB ports and you won't have issues with the receiver coming out of hibernation.
          This is just for future reference if anyone comes across this in the future.
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