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GlobalSAT BC-337 CF card GPS receiver.

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  • GlobalSAT BC-337 CF card GPS receiver.

    Hi guys, I have this which came with an old PCMCIA adapter, I'm trying to get it to work on my CarPC now and was curious if I buy a USB CF card reader would this work through that? I really want something with an external antenna port (which this has) as I'm trying to use a shark-fin style multi function antenna with it.

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    Well, I ordered a cheap USB CF Card reader. I guess we'll see.


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      Well doesn't work with a CF card reader, apparently it's not a standard CF card type connection? Not sure why they would want to go that route though if it's not able to be used in a standard CF card slot? Anyways since it came with a PCMCIA adapter and I already own this GPS receiver from a while back (when I had a laptop with PCMCIA) I found that you can get a PCMCIA to PCI adapter pretty cheap. My case requires low profile cards and I've only found a couple of the adapters that are low profile. I could use a PCI extension cable and mount one of the standard cards to my case somewhere and cut a hole for the slot so that may be an option? Otherwise I may grab this dual card device and use it? I just don't like that it only take a portion of the card into the slot and not the whole thing so I'd have it sticking out of the back of the carPC.


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        Another option I just found is PCMCIA to IDE? I wonder if this would work?

        Edit: Meh I think I'll just try one of the PCI solutions.
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          Ok, I bought a PCMCIA card that goes into a PCI slot and it works great for the GPS card. Also made up some adapter cables to attache my GPS and Wifi to the MP3car store multi antenna.