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iguidance no more? Alternative?

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  • iguidance no more? Alternative?

    So I contacted inav yesterday about updated maps/iguidance 201x and this was their response:

    V2011 is our current version. There is no plan to release newer version at this time, and we may no longer support retail version.

    Thank you.
    Customer Service
    OK, so $89 was a bit spendy to begin with but now I think it would be unwise to go with iguidance. The specs say 2010 nav data and no projected update.

    All of the GPS software comparison threads I have found on here seem to be too old to be useful. Garmin Mobile is only for smartphone now and the rest seem to be crap on a small (7") touch screen?

    Where to turn?

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    I use Co-pilot Live v8 by ALK and I'm very happy with it. SNO


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      That's a possibility. I'll have to look more at it tonight. Also a bit spendy. At least their updates are $49 instead of $79... puts total cost of ownership lower.

      Definitely interested in other options out there as well. I would like to see a modern list.

      <rabbit trail> SNO, you get any riding in? Here in NH we basically didn't get a winter. I did 150 miles and most of them I probably shouldn't have done (definitely wrecked my brand new shaper bars) I'm hoping we get some snow this week. I might go up north as they have a foot or so.</rabbit trail>


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        Sygic Fleet 10 in-dash


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          Originally posted by lamaii View Post
          I had seen others mention this one. It's $140 USD though...!!! Yikes.

          Keep em coming!


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            A free alternative is Navit. Not nearly as nice as others, but price is right.

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              im still using garmin, since i can hack in map updates.... but if i were to switch it would be co pilot 8


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                I've been using Sygic Fleet for the past 6 months or so and haven't looked back. The interface is slick, gorgeous i'll say. And the voice announcements also sound very good. Also it embeds in Centrafuse using I guidance plugin perfectly. Check out the digitalcar uk forums. They have a huge Sygic thread with all the info on where to download. And for the maps and activation, Google is your friend. Only took me about 30 minutes to find everything and get it up had running.
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                  Originally posted by nasa View Post

                  A free alternative is Navit. Not nearly as nice as others, but price is right.

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                  is development on navit not-dead? The DBus stuff seems very dead which is a shame... Maybe it's improved since I tried it last.
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                    Copilot Live is probably the solution. I think I will be purchasing a license. Don't know why I didn't find it when searching... oh well. Thanks for the suggestions. Anybody using the live traffic? I'm thinking about getting a tethering plan for my iphone to use the feature along with other tethering benefits.


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                      sorry i havent been around lately... but what unit are you running iguidance on?

                      I agree.. i had a sprint mogul... had in past tense cuz i had a bad snowboarding accident last saturday... I made it but my phone didnt.. heck my wifes camera that was in my hand didnt make it either.. LOL..

                      I loved iguidance.. my first gps app to go to... even still being 2012 it was really accurate...
                      i got garmin xt cheap on clearance one day online a while ago.. so i was using that too....
                      then tomtom 7 was good...

                      so i used iguidance mainly for TTS directions
                      Garmin XT if iguidance didnt find it
                      Tomtom to locate a dunkin donuts off of live updates!!!!!!!!!

                      but soon have now ventured to the android world.. I miss the 2d of iguidance... sorry i liked it...
                      but slowly getting used to the free TeleNav program... has everything and anything those had plus is current....

                      since i dont know what device you have... all i can say is im impressed with android apps.. and if you have a car pc... what OS? im wanting to run a car pc eventually in my mud truck.. and think it will have to be android OS!!!!


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                        I'm running XP. They probably will continue to support phones... I didn't ask. That is the trend of the market these days as we are the minority who want to run nav on our computers.

                        I'm not even going to start on how terrible android is...


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                          heh, well i have got a few pm's about keeping garmin mobile pc up to date.

                          i will post back later tonight with a link to a new map update. its nothing more then an .img file. all you do is remove the one you have in the garmin folder now and replace it with the new one.

                          if you want, search torrent sites for an updated map. or like i said, i will post a link soon. another alternative is to get ahold of a handheld garmin device, update the maps on it (some have lifetime updates), and then copy that img file to your computer.

                          and im not worried about legalities. garmin's support of this product is absolutely terrible. you cant even the free one time update they say you can get. its not supported on their website, so in my eyes THEY already broke contract. not to mention the fact this product is discontinued yet you still need to use the online activation (and thats another problem, once you activate it, you cannot get it activated again for 6 months! so if you have to re install your os, youre screwed.).

                          garmin should be utterly ashamed of this product. at least how they have treated us who have paid for it.


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                            I think iGuidance would have been more successful if they weren't catering to toddlers with their fisher price colour schemes.

                            They make a navigation product for use on PCs in cars. You'd think they'd do a little market research on what people want out of their product.


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                              people use either stand alone gps units or phones in their cars to get around. the number of people with windows pc's in their cars is practically zero comparatively.