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GPS Receiver - USB -vs- Serial

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  • GPS Receiver - USB -vs- Serial


    Looking at the Haicom USB and Haicom Serial GPS Receivers..
    I've searched the forums and notice people having problems with the USB version.. but the same problems with Serial also.. mainly down to Windows thinking it's a mouse

    Anyway, which is the safest to go for? Does serial work better in general and a "safer" choice or is USB fine once you disable it in Windows when it's found as a mouse? I don't want to get USB and then wish I hadn't.. cus' the USB - Serial Bridge is weird for example..

    Both are the same price, both identical and I have a COM port and USB Ports free..


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    good - lots of ports available
    bad - Wont work with all software


    good - If its nmea it will work with lots of software
    bad - uses a valuble port

    Me I like good old rs232 using a nmea compat. reciver.



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      I won't use the COM port on anything else.. so serial winning up to now..


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        Most USB GPS receivers are serial but with serial to usb conversion box. Most GPS programs look for GPS receivers in COM ports. I have a Garmin GPS16 serial receiver. I'm using a serial to USB converter.
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          Yea, I thought they did - so on that, if I got a Serial Receiever, it wouldn't have to mess aroud with COM port bridges..

          Think I made my mind up.. hehe.


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            The Haicom 202E and 203E-USB models use the prolific bridge. A pretty simply driver that creates a temporary Com port when the GPS is plugged in. The port number is higher than any port fitted to the PC, port 9 and 10 on mine although you can change the port number if you want to use a lower, unused, number. You'll find a little utility on the CD for this. It seems to look, act and feel exactly like a Com port in every respect. Which would I chose? USB every time, I've a hub with my camera, GPS and smartmedia reader plugged in.
            In fact I hardly ever sell serial versions now. If you do decide to go this route drop me an email mentioning this post and I'll give you a 10% discount on the USB GPS.

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              I tried a usb converter with my rs232 gps , could not get mappoint or autoroute to see it (win98).