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Looking to Build a GPS Tracking Server

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  • Looking to Build a GPS Tracking Server

    New on the site. I have seen some older threads on GPS Tracking servers, but nothing recent. I'm looking to track my vehicles in the US. I have a few [WIKI]OBD ii GPS Tracking devices like these[/WIKI].

    I pulled the sim cards and have access to the firmware, but looking for good open source software to track. Everything I have found has cost $$$$$$ I want to keep it private

    Any Ideas???


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    Hi there

    I'm looking for the same sort of thing too. I think I've found perfect solution but I'm not the greatest for the programming side of things. However, the solution seems quite simple and possibly not very complicated.

    The site I found is

    You simply have to get your PC to do the following and you then track your car on their website. I just needs a small application to send the data string maybe once every 10 seconds
    1. You device must be able to send GPS data with HTTP GET/POST requests.
    2. Send data to the following server and with required format:
      • Hostname:
      • Port: 80
      • URL parameters: [imei] [key] [data]
        • imei - IMEI of the GSM/GPS device, must be unique number per device. Example: 312345006395040
        • key - unique key for the device. This key can be configured through OpenGPS interface and must match for the device. In case key does not match, GPS data will not be accepted. Can be omitted for the initial connections.
          For additional security, we highly recommend you use security keys for all your devices.
        • data - GPS data in the following format:
          UTC, latitude, longitude, hdop, altitude, fix, cog, spkm, spkn, date, nsat
          Data example:123704.000,4725.9991N,01455.8212E,2.6,223. 1,3,166.64,2.01,1.08,060812,05
          Example explained:
          • 123704.000 - Time - hhmmss.sss (GGA)
          • 4725.9991N - Latitude - ddmm.mmmm (GGA)
          • 01455.8212E - Longitude - dddmm.mmmm (GGA)
          • 2.6 - HDOP - x.x (GGA)
          • 223.1 - Altitude - x.x (GGA)
          • 3 - Fix (VTG) -
            • 0=Invalid Fix (data will not be logged by OpenGPS)
            • 2=2D fix
            • 3=3D fix
          • 166.64 - Course over ground (COG) - (VTG)
          • 2.01 - Speed over ground (km/h) (VTG) - x.x (VTG)
          • 1.08 - Speed over ground (knots) (VTG) - x.x (VTG)
          • 060812 - Date - ddmmyy (RMC)
          • 05 - Number of satellites - nn (GGA)
          GGA,RMC,VTG refers to official NMEA line format.
          You can send multiple DATA lines via POST separating them by New Line character (ascii:10).
        Full example: key=test&data=123704.000,3025.9991N,01655.8212E,2. 6,223.1,3,166.64,2.01,1.08,060812,05
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      Good to know.