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    I need some help, I have a project of a PC integrated in a car which is also part of the system is GPS navigation.

    I have two GPS modules with integrated antenna one SIRF3 and another SIRF4 installed inside the car but both have a very weak signal but if i put it on the rooftop the signal it's great, so I'm looking for a solution for my needs, GPS / TMC and also capable to connect to a external antenna (Rooftop GPS/Cellular/PCS/WiFi antenna GPS 2400), but I have the following questions:

    - How are the connections made​​?
    - Braker Usb <-> GPS module <-> Aerial
    - Braker Usb <-> GPS module <-> Antenna module <-> Aerial

    - What material/modules is needed?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Personally I would look at the Sure Electronics bluetooth\serial\usb development board for your gps it has an external antenna with a 12' cable on it, plus 48channel. I use it on my all in one board. Here is the link Also when installing a gps dongle in the car it needs a clear sightline to the sky, it can not go through metal. I usually install my tracking antenna's just under the dash around the speedo as usually only plastic there. In my own vehicle I have my antenna's in the middle of my roof. GPS needs a thing called a ground plane think flat metal surface 3' in diameter with GPS antenna in the middle that is the ideal position. Hope this helps SNO


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      Hi SNOtwistR,

      thanks for your reply.

      I have both of them on the same place on the top of the dash in front were it meet with the windshield so a good clear sight of the sky.
      I think the problem is with the windshield because my older gps receiver the SIRF3 always worked in that place since i installed the carputer but know not even a fix it can get.... so the only change made was the windshield that was replaced and i think i was replaced by a cheaper one (perhaps it has a different compound on the glass it self)..............



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        Hi all,

        Another question about gps connections:

        I'm thinking to build from the scratch but before buying the components i need to understand how it works...

        1 -To connect the computer to the GPS Module/receiver i need a usb to serial breakout board right ?
        Click image for larger version

Name:	01.jpg
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        2 - Then the GPS module connects to the antenna right ?
        Click image for larger version

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        OR it can be this way?
        Click image for larger version

Name:	03.jpg
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        OR this way?
        Click image for larger version

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        Please fell free to coment and give ideas e just ordered the Rooftop Antenna so the rest still to plan what to buy.....