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  • GPS Software let you choose

    Do any of the GPS programs let you decide the route, or at least part of it, and if so which ones?

    For instance if I want to travel to another city, but I want to use a particular road or highway, is there a way for me to let it know, or if I want to use more than 1, and then it could find the best way using that road, getitng me to my final destitation?


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    dont understand 100% your question but if you want to take a particular road for ex. your prefered shortcut home - just take it and the navigation soft will follow and recalculate -
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      Let's say I am in Philadelphia right now. I want to go to Washington, DC. However, I am told that "this" road is a great road to take, and it avoids a bunch of traffic on a part of I-95.

      Could I enter my destination, then say, I want to take "this" road, let's say its MD-295?

      I'm just wondering if I can enter a road that I Want to take along the way, or two or three roads, and it will figure out how to do the restt.


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        CoPilot 2k3 will let you do two things which would kind of help:

        1) specify intermediate 'via' locations. choose a city on the way to go through, which will influence the suggested rotue.

        2) 'avoid this road'. after it suggests an intinerary, you can select a road and tell it to not take that one. it'll figure out an alternative route. you can do this a couple times.

        Not exactly what you want, but it's worth something.
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