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    I am looking for a GPS receiver, for my mp3 player/carputer, I am writing custom software for it, so software packages are not a problem, however ease of interface is certainly a consideration.

    I have been thinking of the Delorme Earthmate (or Tripmate) serial version as it seems to meet all my requirements (I can find the interface spec online) however, I would not like to purchase it without opinions on other devices that may fit the bill

    So I am soliciting opinions...


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    The fastest locking GPS receiver seems to be Garmin GPS35 and GPS16 according to people on this forum and from personal experience. Garmin is software configurable. You can turn on and off each of the signals it receives. If you ever want to use Copilot software in the future, you have get either Copilot receiver or Rand Mcnally receiver. Both suck though but they get the job done. Actually any GPS will work just fine though Garmin seems to lock faster than other receivers. My next GPS receiver will be Rand Mcnally because it'll work with Copilot 2K3 and other softwares as well.
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      hey CPRAUDIO, I have the rand mcnally gps antenna and copilot 2003. Surprisingly Ive only had 1 case where the Antenna did not lock right away. Otherwise my Coplioot locked onto my location the second the program was launched.
      Mine needs to be updated.


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        my earthmate usb locks in around 25-30 seconds.
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          My vote goes to Garmin - the 16 & the 35 are great!
          I just got the GPS-16 and it started to aquire satelites while still inside. As soon as I walked out to my back deck it locked.
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            I use my Garmin GPS35 with CoPilot 2003. Previously I used it with 2001. It just needs some configuration of the output sentences, done from HyperTerminal over serial.

            The GPS35 locks all satellites when inside my metal trunk (not it's permanent mounting location ).
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              Have you considered a GPS mouse? All they do is generate a message and tranmit is as either SiRF or NMEA. They'll come with the drivers you need to for a USB port and then all you need to do is process the sentences. I've been using (and selling) the Haicom 202E. They do a warm start in 2 or 3 seconds and a cold start inside 30. The GPS engine is about the size of a matchbox. In my car it sits on the parcel shelf and in my RV on the dashboard.


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                could use some help with this, i have the 7" touch screen, and just got copilot3, how do i get to punch in a new address without a keyboard? I can do the pull keyboard on XP but not after copilot is open. answer is probably real simple, excuse my ignorance as this is my first time dealin with gps. graci!


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                  Has anyone tried the BlueTooth unit?


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                    I use my Garmin GPS35 with CoPilot 2003. Previously I used it with 2001. It just needs some configuration of the output sentences, done from HyperTerminal over serial.
                    Care to share the configuration etc? Thanx
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                      Originally posted by MaleBuffy
                      Care to share the configuration etc? Thanx
                      Found this:

                      From a technical perspective how they determine the GPS type is fairly
                      straightforward. In CP2K the GPS unit is sent the Rockwell command
                      1012 - Get User-Settings. Garmin (in NMEA mode) GPSes simply don't
                      respond so after a timeout period CP2K stops with the error message
                      about only working with CoPilot GPS. Rockwell GPSes (I tested with a
                      Rand McNally unit) respond but with different settings than the
                      CoPilot GPS responds with. I captured the data on the serial port
                      first with a CoPilot GPS attached and then the Rand McNally and
                      compared the differences. The only difference is word 10 of the
                      response to the 1012 command. The CoPilot GPS responds with 299 while
                      the Rand McNally responds with 298.

                      In CoPilot 2001 it works differently. CP2K1 looks for a Rockwell
                      proprietary NMEA string, ZCH - Zodiac Channel Status. Garmins do not
                      send this string so after a minute or two CP2K1 throws up the familiar
                      message. However, my Rand McNally does generate this string and so
                      CP2K1 works perfectly with either a CoPilot GPS or a Rand McNally GPS.
                      I wonder if this is a bug from TravRoute's perspective?

                      The information contained in the ZCH message can be generated from the
                      non-proprietary messages GGA, GSA and GSV. Using a PC with 3 comm
                      ports, a null modem cable and some VB code, I was able to get CP2K1
                      working with my Garmin but it is a kludge to say the least!


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                        SKIPPMAN : "Has anyone tried the BlueTooth unit?"

                        I thought about using bluetooth on my Ipaq 3970 but...they are over priced, I still need to connect the power supply somewhere, I still need to have the PDA constantly charging.

                        So the idea of being wireless is not really wireless.


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                          Im using garmin GPS16, they are very good. If you gonna buy one get the new GPS16A, it update your position 5 times per seconds. I guess your navigation software will also scroll smoothly...its kinda annoying when it jerks every seconds.

                          Does anyone know where to get info about configuring those garmin unit? the best setting and so on.