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Haicom USB and XP!

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  • Haicom USB and XP!


    The Haicom USB works fine with XP.. it's just, well, flakey!

    Using InfoMap Navigator as the Navigation Software.

    If you come out of hibernation with InfoMap open.. it'll say no GPS from device and then you'll have to start it manually. InfoMap also seems to forget it should be using COM3 on odd occasions and switches to nothing so you have to change that in Settings.. (Maybe cus' it isn't connected when InfoMap checks?!)

    Are these the XP Haicom Driver Bugs? Cus' if they are.. I'm going to Win2K.. Ideally, I'd like to keep InfoMap in Full Screen Mode.. and then when I start the car, it'll go straight to that with GPS running - can't do that at the moment!

    I could try it myself, but it's a bit of a chore getting the computer out of the car - it's all bolted down and such like.. and if it makes no difference, I'll end up installing XP again anyway!

    Thanks for any ideas,


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    Hi Daz,

    I've found the latest Prolific drivers seem to fix a lot of odd problems with XP. I've put it up on my website at I've using it on my Via system with XP Home and not having any problems.



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      I'll see if they are any newer than the ones I have and give them a go if they are.



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        Didn't start GPS after hibernation - arwell, I'll just have to start the GPS every time I get in the car.. hehe.