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Destinator : Font Size & Other Maps

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  • Destinator : Font Size & Other Maps


    i have 2 questions concerning Destinator PC Version :

    1.Does anyone know how i can change the fontsize / fontstyle of the street names displayed on the map.

    2. I found a cheap Germany Map Cd for the Destinator PocketPc version.

    If i start the Install.exe , it is searching for a PDA , which is not available , so i cant complete the INSTALL MAPS procedure.

    The map folder on the cd looks like this :

    2 Files :

    8 Directories :

    G1 /
    G2 /
    G8 /

    Each folder represents a state.
    In this folders there is a .Txt File and Zip File inside.
    If i unzip the zip file , i can use it in Destinator , but only one state at a time. Is there a possibilty to join them together , or is it made intentionelly this way.


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    No its designed like that, you wont be able to view multiple "maps" at the same time. I complained about this to the devs in version one, but it never got fixed.

    For the font sizes, take a look in the program directory for a .ini file. there a couple in there, one of them contains all the info for the interface including the font sizes.
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      Ok thanks. I will try to write a small app to join the map data together , but i dont really think it will really work

      I tried to figure out which line in the .ini file i have to change for a bigger font size , unfortunalty it is not well documented. Does any one know something more specific ? Thnx


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        It is not possible to change the size of the street names (at least thats what PowerLOC told me).

        In the Ini file only the font of the menu and list items can be changed, but no map text.

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