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  • A couple of questions and comments

    In the past, I have used a ton of CF GPS and GPS software for pocketpc. Then I got the clarion AutoPC with GPS options. Since the autoPC is pretty cheap by now, I said why not? Works pertty well. I have a whole NavTech CDs for every region for autoPC. My question is can Destinator use that data on the SDK? Since SDK is out there, it would be sweet if I don't have to spend more $$$ on the maps.

    As for the GPS, I got the DeLorme Earthmate USB and I drove around with it today. I checked the 3 different GPSes today. Earthmate, CF GPS, and Odessy 2k for AutoPC. AutoPC had the slowest updates and Earthmate is has the fastest. Pharos Ostia on PocketPC has the most accurate maps. Amazing uh?

    - Lwin M. Maung
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    Street Atlas is not very accurate from the get go. Try MS Map point or MS Streets and trips but the GPS update is 15 seconds. You have to hack the software to get it to update every second.
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      The hack works well though... No voice guidance though.