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Anyone else using a recent MS Streets and Trips

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  • Anyone else using a recent MS Streets and Trips

    I'm using 2004 and for the most part it is more then adequate for what I need right now. However I get the time out error that the program hasn't been able to find the GPS when I hibernate the system. Everytime this error comes up I have to click ok, even though the reciever will reaquire the signal on it's own. If anyone has found a solution to this I would like to know what you did.

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    I do not have a solution for your problem, but I do have a question. I am using ST2001 and when I use my GPS it only updates the possition about every 12 seconds. Before I go out and buy 2004 I was wondering if it updates quicker and can you have direction up, instead of north up so the map turns on the screen as you go around a corner.


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      i dunno about ST but for mappoint there's a 1 second hack and there's probably the same thing for ST
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        Streets and Trips is a 1 second update. I've used Streets 98 and it also was a one second update. It does do directions, although it isn't voice directions, it highlights a path on the map and provides step by step directions on a sidbar.

        One good thing about Streets and Trips 2004 is the resizeable font and the display of stores, restraunts, gas stations, police stations, etc... on the map. I can drive along a street and watch the map for types of stuff I'm interested in.


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          wow ST 2004 sounds just like mappoint 2002 just without the SDK
          '98 Explorer Sport
 (down atm)
          AMD 800mhz 192megs RAM 60gig hard drive 9 inch widescreen VGA
          80% done


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            I've got Streets and Trips 2003 and I really like it. I use it at the same time as Door to Door Co-Pilot and together they work great. Of course I can't connect both to the GPS at once, but thats something I can live with. By finding what I want (like a rest. or city hall or whatever)with streets, I plug the address into Co-Pilot and get the voice commands and full screen prompts to lead me to my destination. I don't have any problem with update delays. It seems to work great and the adjustable fonts on the maps makes my life easier also.
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              Ive got mappoint 2002 , which only updates the GPS every 15 secs.

              I downloaded this ..."Agps".....

              Now it updates every second and it talks the directions to me, brilliant.

              It only works for ten minutes, have to send the author $10 to register.

              Worth it though, **** hot add on.....