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    I am in the midst of purchasing a Deluo USB GPS Reciever. However i was wondering if any one here has the best place to position them, wether it will operate well in my case, in the boot of my car, or is it better to mount it somewher like on the dash-board??

    I am dying to hear from those of you who have experience with PC GPS and can suggest a position to place my reciever so that it will still receive well, but not be overley conspicous.

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    My Sapphire GPS mouse looks like a little black dome, quite inconspicuous as it is

    However, I have mine under the top part of my dash, next to where the clock is and the heater vents. You cannot see it at all, but it still picks up 6-8 satellites, and fixes into position almost before the software has finished loading!

    Putting it in my boot, it picked up maybe 2-3 satellites, and took forever to get a fix.

    They view to the sky with no metal in the way. Fabric and plastic don't affect it (if plastic did, then it being under my dash would get it pick up nothing!), only metal.

    Ideally, somewhere in/near the dash would be best, as the windscreens normally give you a good view of lots of the sky, which is what you want

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      I have a garmin GPS 35. It sits behind the back seats next to the brake light of my accord. If I can ever figure out how to pop off the cover for the brake light, I want to hide the unit inside of it. I have gotten signal from 11 satilites at one time in it's current location.
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        My Street Atlas Serial GPS sits on the back lid. I have dark tint so I don't worry about it melting.
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          My Earthmate sits on the back shelf right next to my D-Link network adaptor. It has a clear view of the sky and seems to work good.