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Heads up display with lcd?

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  • Heads up display with lcd?

    I posted this in the lcd forum but since it involves gps as well, i copied it over here.

    I am currently working on a project that would try and have a heads up display that has gps. The idea is to view the navigational map on the windshield instead of looking away from the road. I have the gps hooked up and has a vga output, the problem is getting it to view. I was thinking of using a 10.4in lcd screen and have the reflection show up on the windshield. I understand that it will be a mirror image but would the idea work? Ive read that it may not be bright enough but I would like to hear any ideas on how to make it work. A logical idea would be to use a projector, but i dont know how it would fit in a dash, an be affordable. Let me know if anyone has an idea.

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    theoretically yes

    i wouldnt go 10 inch. maybe 8 at the biggest. im sure there is some software that would reverse the resolution

    and as for reflection, i would talk to some window tinters, or check some online forums and ask them

    i think there is a highly reflective silver tint made by 3m, but i dont know if it has levels of reflection


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      I dont know if this would work or not but: You know those projector panels that you can use with overhead projectors? What if you did something kind of like that? I dont know how to incorporate it into the window "nice and neat" but like attach it to the bottom of the windsheild and look through it? Because it will be both visible, if theres enough light, and translucent. I dont know.. LOL i thought it wuold be worth a try to mention. IF anyone can help me with my idea i have one laying around i could test with and post back here? -Josh


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        Using a projector would be a bad idea in my opinion, driving down a road w/ single hard point of light coming from your dashboard that would be visible from the outside would only cry out.... pull me over!!!

        As for a hud.... its been discussed many times before.... how would it work... pretty much go w/ the idea you have, get a screen put it in the dash and then tint or creat a reflective surface on your windshield somewhere.

        Now here is where you run into a few problems.... number one being that you will have a screen in your dash visible to the ouside world especially when its on and when your driving... this will cause you to become a target to both thieves and police!!! -Solution to that would be to basically to put it a few inches down in the dash in other words create a hole!!! That would make it a little less likely to be seen from the outside. The other problem I could see is if you actually have problems w/ the screen it would be a b17ch to get out of there!!!

        Anyways there is a ton of software out there I think if you search it on the forums you'll find info on rotation software otherwise check !! Good luck if you accomplish the HUD post step by steps!!!
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          never ever double post again
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            Well what im talking bout is the think you set on a overhead projector its self. If you turn the unit on and look at it, you can just see dark spots unless you hold it up to a light source. that you could use, right? and at night, have it shine a dimmed backlight on it? i dunno lol.. anyways.. *whats double posting, and why arent you supposed to do it?* -Josh


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              at my job the have an old old ibm projector ... what is so especial about the projector is like the ones they use at the schools... with a back light to project the image. but this projector is not just a peace of class with a back light ... is a screen with a back up light the projects.. a vga rourse, it can olso be connected to a rca(i think) oh it does have a renote control for on/off controlling... if this projection idea is intrest you i can find out the madel # so you can get one from somewhere... is about a 10inch screen
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                @ duyduck & jbraddoc :
                a doublepost is when you post the exact same thing TWICE on a message board. in this case, there are two threads now with the exact same name and message.
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