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ALK Technologies CoPilot 7 Live -- A less than ideal customer service experience

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  • ALK Technologies CoPilot 7 Live -- A less than ideal customer service experience

    I just had an unpleasant experience with ALK Technologies, and figured I'd share it in case it confirms anyone else's experience.

    I ordered CoPilot, ALK drop shipped it (they are the manufacturer). When it arrived I discovered they'd sent the wrong GPS part, not merely swapping serial instead of USB, but sending one part of the serial instead of the GPS, in other words it couldn't work at all, not even as a serial unit.

    I notified them, and they responded saying essentially, "Yes, we screwed up and sent out a lot of them like that, we'll send you another one (you'll get it in 5 days)." Keep in mind I paid extra for expedited shipping on the original order, which obviously won't have gotten me anything.

    Anyway... it's not the worst customer service story ever, not by a long shot, but I'm just frustrated by companies foisting their screw ups on the consumer, and then all they do to remedy the situation is do what they should have done originally, your inconvenience remains unaddressed and uncompensated. I'm just saying in this sort of situation, they should send those they've inconvenienced a free map for Canada or Mexico, $15 off, etc.
    Something to show they actually understand they wasted your time, and in my case the money for the expedited shipping.

    I'd be more willing to accept these sorts of occasional screw ups from companies uncompensated if they happened less often. But, within the last month I also got a Gyration mouse/keyboard which had a defective receiver, they were well aware of the problem having sent out thousands of them, and taking their time to replace mine.