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CoPilot 7, one ugly son of a *****...

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  • CoPilot 7, one ugly son of a *****...

    I just got and installed CoPilot 7, and it may be great, and super and all that. (I can't say yet, haven't used it long enough.) But, one thing I will say is, it's the ugliest and most expensive of the GPS software/hardware solutions. The interface isn't bad, it seems quite good. It's just UGLY. I mean, ugly arrows, ugly buttons, crude everything, stunningly unprofessional looking. I sure wish it supported skins so someone could fix this if they're not going to (and presumably they won't if they haven't to this point). Things like this amaze me, you've got a good or great product, but then you don't invest the very, very small sum it would have taken to create a polished look.

    At any rate... one other weirdness (this is my first GPS unit) I had expected it would have enough sense to "snap" to roads. So, instead of showing me driving "off" a road, but exactly parallel to the road, over many miles and around many curves, show me on the road. How hard is that? Seriously. It understands I'm on the road, hence its ability to give directions/etc., so it really should have a mode where it will keep you on the road. It just looks awkward otherwise.