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GPS Reciever and 2004 Map Software under $130?

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  • GPS Reciever and 2004 Map Software under $130?


    New to the forum and first off thanks to all posters, lots of good info on here.

    I have ~$120 to spend, max $130 with shipping.

    I have a laptop too IBM T30 (would use USB but could use serial).

    I'm looking for WAAS GPS with good (most updated) software with voice. Read great things about Dominator and Copilot but I don't have that much to spend. As far as I can tell Routis is for Pocket PC.

    So I 've narrowed it down (but not sold on) Delorme Earthmate with Street Atlas 2004 ($118 with shipping on ebay) or Deluo GPS USB Laptop Deluxe
    with Randy McNally Deluxe for $109 plus shipping.

    The mice (bu-303) some people have recommended on ebay are going for ~$70 so that would leave $50 for software.

    Thanks for your help. Again, looking for LAPTOP Software, RECEIVER, that you recommend, oh with VOICE, but accuracy is more important than voice.


  • #2 has the Delorme Earthmate GPS with Street Atlas 2004 for $99.99, free shipping


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      The earthmate can be had for $99.99 in various places. I've recently started to have problems with SA04 on my laptop. Voice drop-outs or interruptions are common. Some times this can get so bad that the voice navigation can be MINUTES behind. This could be a problem with lap-top though as it's only a 700MHz P2 w/ 128MB. Also during a recent trip, I completely lost voice recognition. It was working perfectly but now will not recognize anything. I've done a bit of diagnostics and found the audio hardward and microphone to still be working perfectly. I'm thinking that maybe my voice profile is somehow corrput (could have been the loud music I was playing during the trip). Regardless, I just wanted you know that SA04 can be flaky.
      2004 4runner