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Do all/most USB gps devices create a virtual com port?

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  • Do all/most USB gps devices create a virtual com port?

    I'm considering getting a new GPS to dedicate to the car computer, but I would like to use the comport duplication software I recently got working. Do the USB devices work by creating a comport for the map software to talk to, or does the modern stuff just know how to talk straight to usb? If the USB doesn't create a comport, I'll still with a serial port device to increase my chances of being able to split the signal through software...

    - Taytay

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    I think it mostly depends on the software, not the gps hardware. Street Atlas has built-in support for the Earthmate and can talk directly to the Earthmate over usb, but using it with Mappoint requires you to load the usb-serial driver because it's looking for a comm port. That's probably true for most other software as well.


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      ya like the earthmate installer will ask you if you want to use the gps for other apps .. if you select that option it'll create the virtual com port
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