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When did copilot go down the drain?

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  • When did copilot go down the drain?

    Excuse my ignorance, but I've been away from the carputer scene for a while. When i was setting up my carputer, copilot was the gps of choice. It was expensive, but was hands down the best program for composite screens. Now that the liliputs have come about I hear routis 2004 is the best gps program. Any thoughts? Will routis 2004 work with my old rand mcnally serial gps reciever?

    Any pros and cons of each? I don't want to start a which gps is better war, just compare and contrast copilot and routis2004. Any other programs better than routis now?

    Thanks for the input.
    My carputer

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    I wanted to ask the same question - Copilot Live 7 looks like a prettu cool (but expensive) piece of software but is Routis better?

    I need clear pictures on the Lilliput, works with Media Engine (as an external app), voice guidance and automatic re-routing when leaving the suggested route.

    Any suggestions guys before I empty the wallet (again!)



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      I use CoPilot Live and like it.


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        I had never paid more then $30 dollars for software in my life...

        Then i bought copilot. In a way you want to pay a lot for your navigation software because then it works. I'm not sure about the other alternatives that may be cheaper but I'm very pleased with how well it recalculates directions.


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          I like CoPilot too. I signed up to be a reseller so I can get it for cheaper. Unfortunately CoPilot wonít let me advertise below the price $249.99 for the software only. But I can sell any of their products for cheeper if you email me privately, Iíll see what I can do.