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gps takes forever to lock!

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  • gps takes forever to lock!

    so i installed my deluo gps receiver today and i played around with it in the would lock onto 3 or 4 sats. then at night i go for a drive with my friend, this time the receiver is right below the front windshield and it takes forever to lock so we move it to the roof of the car. well after like 20 minutes i lock on about 5 satellites. i get home and restart the computer to see if it will lock quicker. it always DETECTS the satellites but doesnt lock.

    help please!! btw...i searched and everything running routis 2004 and the gps is on 4800 baud...

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    now it locks outside my house but its not parked right outside the house and its two blocks like half the horizon...will that have an effect?