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GPS Based Security System

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  • GPS Based Security System

    Anyone considered building their own GPS based security system?

    I was wondering if you could put a usb gprs modem in the back of it, and then everytime it booted up, and a keycode was not entered, it would see where it was, and then SMS/EMAIL you its log/lat and/or postcode to a specified mobile.

    Seen this: which made me think of it.

    A simple pay as you go SMS card would be all you need, plus you can recredit it without being on the same phone with some of them.

    Any thoughts?


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    We sell a Vehicle Tracker, a very similar product to your idea. Essentially it's a GSM mobile phone, data card, battery, movement sensor and some simple intelligence. The GPS plugs into it to provide current location. At any time you can ring it from a modem equipped PC to find the current location, download the history of where it has been or track it in realtime. You can also set a geo-fence so if the vehicle moves outside (or inside) the fence it will send you a text message. It can also be hooked up to a couple of digital inputs, maybe the alarm or a pressure sensor and again it'll text you to let you know.