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Destinator3 or Copilot Laptop 7

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  • Destinator3 or Copilot Laptop 7

    If you had a choice between the 2, which one would you choose? If someone can give me the pros and cons of both software packages. I was first looking at the Routis 2004 but then I came across these 2. Copilot and Desinator are little more expensive but after researching for over a couple of weeks now I still can't pick which one to get.

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    I don't think you can really 'choose' between those two as Destinator3 has not been released AFAIK...

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      It's been released. There selling it on their online store.


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        ummm, can someone please tell me why Destinator 2 N.A. is selling for $249 and Destinator 3 N.A. is selling for $199 ???????????


        could be they forgot to include it, or it could be on purpose, but D2 specifically states M$ windoz, while D3 does not specify and operating system (PDA i'm guessing?)
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          destinator 3 has been released for the pocket pc but not for the laptop.

          What are you going to do with the pocket pc version. You certainly can't install it on your carputer
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